Design Centre

Grandview Inspiration Gallery ButtonAt Grandview Homes, we take great pride and satisfaction in ensuring that your new home will be not only beautiful, but also smartly designed and expertly constructed. From our carefully planned elevations and streetscapes, to our thoughtful built-in features such as garden doors, window seats and desks, we truly love being able to build unique homes with incredible curb appeal that families will want to live in for years to come.

Our luxurious Décor Centre has been specifically designed to help you experience that same sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. Here, you will find an impressive array of tasteful finishes and fixtures for your new home …   think “kid in a candy shop”, only with tiles, cabinets and carpet instead of  chocolates.

And if you should find you need a little guidance or a second opinion, you couldn’t find yourself in a better place. In fact, we hope you will take advantage of the extensive knowledge and experience of one of our Interior Design Specialists. They, like all of us here at Grandview Homes, understand how important your family is to you, and can offer advice and tips to make sure that your new home turns out just the way you’ve been imagining it, and is the perfect fit for your family.


It’s your chance, in this inviting, friendly setting, to lay the important groundwork for your home décor in a way that reflects your individual tastes, personality and preferences. All of the samples and options have been carefully arranged so that it is almost effortless to envision how they will play together in your new home. It also helps to have fabulous top-end brands to choose from, such as Kholer faucets and fixtures, and Kitchencraft bathroom vanities and upgraded kitchen cabinets.

The folks at the Grandview Homes Décor Centre have helped thousands of homeowners like you, so take advantage of their friendly expertise! At the end of the day, they will make sure you feel great about the choices you have made, so that you and your family will look forward to spending time in every single room.